Free wildlife days

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Now I’m a big lover of going to the zoo and when I found out during the winter there are various free zoo days they were promptly marked in my calendar. As luck would have it there was one the other day and a few days later a free day to the aquarium.

I hadn’t had chance yet to got to either, with gallivanting around Utah and exploring al the national parks. Hogle Zoo is a quaint little zoo and I enjoyed the bear exhibits and the elephants. the two elephants had daily training and played different games and roamed around finding different things to eat. The bear exhibit had grizzleys and a polar bear and some seals and sea lions next door. I also enjoyed seeing the giraffes and bob cats who were wondering around their enclosures. The zoo isn’t massive but is great for an afternoon of walking around.

The Aquarium was very educational but a lot smaller than I was expecting with only a few aquatic animals. I did enjoy the usual tunnel tank where sharks and turtles swam above my head, and the penguins looked quite content swimming around their tank.

If you are looking for a fun activity, then check out your local zoo for free or discounted events over the winter, plus all the animals tend to be quite active as opposed to all asleep like in the summer.

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The good bits #10


To say the last month has been a busy one is a bit of an understatement. We have once again packed up our things and moved far away. This post is all about not only marking almost a year of being in the US but as a reflection on living in Indiana as we head to new pastures. Continue reading

Binder park zoo & Langley covered bridge


On a recent sunny weekend Kiwi and I found we had no plans, and so set about finding a little adventure. The temperatures were set to get to around 28/30 degrees with a few thunderstorms so we wanted to get outside. I’ve been reading a couple of local guide books for more places to visit, and to explore the local area. One of the first things I found was an ice cream parlour. Yay more ice cream! We set about looking at maps and where we could visit around the parlour. Continue reading

The good bits #7


I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record, I say this almost everytime I post on the good things…. but how has seven months already passed?!?!? 2015 is so far hurtling past at an alarming rate! Excitingly though Spring seems to have arrived and with it a new sense of energy and adventure – although it did snow again on Monday so I’m not totally out of winter yet, but I have seen the first signs of flowers poking out of the ground so the reappearance of snow is just a temporarily blip.
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More zoo’s – Brookfield zoo

Last weekend Kiwi and I wrapped up warm and ventured to the west of Chicago. We had heard about free zoo days that take place in winter, January and February, and offer free admission to a huge range of zoos. One of them was the Brookfield zoo. So we thought we’d pop along. I’ve spoken before about my love for zoo’s and how I still haven’t grown out of them so I was pretty excited. We did wonder if all the animals would be hiding from the cold and that they might be fast asleep.

When we set off it was relatively warm, well in comparison to the last few weeks, it was a toasty 0 degrees! But the forecast said no more snow and even some possible sunshine for the afternoon. The drive took us along past Michigan city and through Chicago, its always fun to see the impressive skyline. Once we crossed the state border into Illinois the sky was clear, crisp and blue and it even felt warm in the sunshine.

free zoo days

Brookfield Zoo

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A day in Chicago

A recent trip into Chicago down town led to exploring some of the quieter streets, parks and local attractions. First up we walked around ‘the loop’. this is the main district with building and skyscrapers, so called because the main subway loops around, its suspended above the main road. The French market along Clinton street is delightful and full of amazing foods, worth a stop. We then wandered along the river walkway which is lovely. Its almost underneath the main city and is scattered with sculptures and place to sit and watch life go by, along the way you get to see lots of the main buildings, river barges and suspension bridges. If you have time there are plenty of river cruises and kayaks available to see Chicago from the water way. walking all the way along to Lake shore drive takes you to the Navy pier, much more lively in summer this pier has some random entertainment options, and an awesome ballroom. It has a great view of the cityscape. It also showcases the lake pretty well too, you’d almost never know it was a lake its so vast! From here you can either wander north to Lincoln park Zoo -which is free and worth a visit, its nestled in the main intersection and is a little haven away from the bustle of the city, the walk up along the lake front is pretty and the beach really feels like a beach. I tried Divvy – having used lots of Boris bikes in London, these are basically the same system and are good for getting around. They are a bit of a faff and its not obvious where the stations are located but it means you can see more. There are also lots of segway tours – but I cant take them seriously. South from Navy pier are a collection of parks which have great cycle and walk ways, from here you can see the planetarium. This also leads to millennium park which was a favourite, it is touristy but its really pretty, the bean makes a great photo opp, the walkway and The Art Institute Chicago are fantastic. You are spoilt for choice on food options on the main street or magnificent mile.