Frocks n socks – The spring edit


So I thought after streamlining my entire life and wardrobe I’d take on a bit of a challenge and embrace an edited wardrobe for spring I recently read a blog from un-fancy about her approach and loved the idea of it. She changes her wardrobe edits for each season, and for three month wears outfit’s from the edited 37 pieces. Why 37 – well go have a read and find out. I’m intrigued by this concept as my wardrobe doesn’t often co-ordinate. I tend to buy things because I really like them, but lately having edited all my clothes down into one suitcase I’ve become more mindful of the way I shop. Continue reading

The good bits #7


I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record, I say this almost everytime I post on the good things…. but how has seven months already passed?!?!? 2015 is so far hurtling past at an alarming rate! Excitingly though Spring seems to have arrived and with it a new sense of energy and adventure – although it did snow again on Monday so I’m not totally out of winter yet, but I have seen the first signs of flowers poking out of the ground so the reappearance of snow is just a temporarily blip.
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Springing forward


The recent respite in the weather has reminded me of long summer days, I’m sure there is another winter storm or two to come before it’s finally time to say goodbye to old man winter, but I’ll be embracing spring with open arms. I love the change of seasons, its always kind of rejuvenating as you prepare for the next season. I quite enjoy hibernating in winter, so spring is time to dust of the shorts, open up the windows and get outside more.
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