Road trip to ‘Athens of the South’


Over the Easter Weekend Kiwi and I took advantage of the nice weather and the long weekend to travel to the south and spend some time in other places soaking up the culture. Our trip started off heading to Nashville, the home of country music. As we ventured south we went past the ‘worlds largest ball of paint’ I’m not even going to start again on the worlds largest thing around here… the corn hasn’t grow yet, so the fields were fairly sparse with the grass fighting to regrow having been burred under a lot of snow. We drove for what felt like a very long time we crossed the Ohio river and arrived in Kentucky, stopping in Louisville for some lovely stone cooked pizza and shrub. Shrub is an old school type of pop with a fruit flavour and vinegar base. Yep, you read that right, vinegar! I tried some, hated it and am completely ok with feeling vinegar is only acceptable to eat on crisps, fish and chips and to be used as a cleaning product.
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Bonnie Doon – 1950’s Amercian drive through & diner


The iconic drive through. Decorated with bold colours, seats to enjoy the sunshine, old school box speakers to order your food and original trays to eat your food whilst in the car. I can see why eating in your car never really took off, but this place is a treat. On a recent trip to the Studebaker museum there were several pictures and a mock up of this drive through. I assumed that it had disappeared long ago, but a quick google search to see what happened to it showed not only was it still standing but it was still in business! Bonnie Doom sells burgers and fries but by far the speciality is their ice cream! Yep that’s right drive though ice cream.

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Studebaker cars, museums and trees


Last weekend Kiwi and I had a bit of an american grockle (tourist) day. We figured we would stay local and learn more about some of the local history. We visited the Studebaker museum, which is full of original cars from the Studebaker industry. The Studebaker’s marketed as ‘the largest vehicle house in the world’, there oven range was also known as the ‘largest range manufacture in the world’, and I’ve noticed some places still make this claim, I’m looking at you South Bend Chocolate company which states its ‘the world’s largest chocolate factory’ a claim I most defiantly dispute.
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