Lemons = Lemonade, Snow = Ski-ing


Well to me it seems a fairly obvious equation, when it is snowy and cold the way to make the most of it is to go ski-ing. We still haven’t got around to trying cross country skiing – to be honest it looks like a lot of hard work. There is also tubbing, snow mobilling and ice skating all perfect activities for when it’s snowy. This weekend we figured it looked like another whiteout. We had planned to go ski-ing the weekend before but the snow was so bad it wouldn’t have been much fun to drive, and the ski-ing would have been pretty miserable. So we waited. Saturday a blizzard raged, leaving more snow with it and a bitterly cold wind chill. Sunday morning we woke up to bright blue skies and sunshine, yep thats right the sun had returned!!! We quickly set to leaving the house as the weather forecast didn’t have a sunshine in it for at least another week. Continue reading

The good bits #4

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgAnd a monthly round up of all things great and small. Well the month of December is pretty festive related! We’ve had a ball finding our own Christmas tree and decorating with decorations found at last years German Christmas markets, as well as enjoying the elaborate light displays all over town.

Finding and sending parcels home

We embraced winter activities with a spot of ice skating and a ski-ing weekend for our first thanksgiving!

Playing a new game – Dutch Blitz…. Amazing!

We made our own sloe gin and a few festive treats for the beginnings of our own traditions

Having some time off for Christmas holidays and celebrating the end of another year whilst reflecting on what’s next


Nubs Nob – Ski Michigan

Over Thanksgiving we thought we would make the most of a little holiday time and of all the recent snow. I mean if its going to be cold and snowy what better activity is there than ski-ing! Also we weirdly find ski-ing really relaxing, something about being out in the fresh air, moving and being active all day, hot chocolate breaks…. what’s not too love!

We did a little research into skiing in the local area, and Michigan came out as a pretty good little destination for ski-ing and local breweries – win win! Keen to explore more of the area we went on a little road trip. We drove North for 5 hours stopping at Grand Rapids and Petoskey. (We want to say it with a Russian accent!). Petoskey offers some great budget accommodation options and we were pleasantly surprised to find a jacuzzi bath in our room perfect after a day on the slopes!


The to main resorts are Nubs Nob and Boyne Highlands. We went for Nubs on the first day, I think a few friends once looked up at that hill and thought, I reckon you can ski down there, lets give it a go, and a ski resort was born. Nubs prides itself on awesome snow and quality, the ski rentals were brand new, and the snow – both natural and made was fantastic, not all of the lifts and runs were open just yet but there’s a decent days ski-ing here.

Our second day we popped to Boynes – this resort is split into mountain and highlands, the second half is about a 40 minute drive south. This resort is more traditional and has a real charm about it. The runs are slightly longer, sweeping around the mini mountain, and we enjoyed ‘Olympia’ for a decent run. Both resorts make a great weekends ski-ing, and are perfect for beginners or skiers looking for a chilled weekend. They are also pretty affordable with lift passes at $40 a day pre season. Hiring gear is a little cheaper outside the main resorts and there are a few options at Petoskey or Harbour Springs. Both resorts have tasty food and hot chocolate along with good options for sitting and warming up again.


As for Apres ski, the area is famed for cherry pie and has some great Breweries for a drink and food options. Both Harbour springs and Petoskey have adorable ‘high streets’ with some shopping and cosy restaurants. Perfect for a round of Pirate flux! We had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to going back!