The weekend that could



Don’t you just love it when Friday rolls around, when you have endless possibilities of what you could do with your time. Two whole days to do with as you please. I often like to fill this time with every fun or constructive thing I can. After all life is short, and there are so many things I’ve not done yet. Most weekends I’ve already booked up with something, or made a list of possible activities and ideas to do. This weekend for once my diary was completely clear, with no lists of possible things.

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The good bits #3

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgHow has another month flown past? its crazy how quickly time just disappears, we’ve gone straight from Halloween to no guy fawkes and now its basically December which means its pretty much Christmas!!!!! SO given its Thanksgiving today and it also marks just over three months of me being here the good bits are all about looking back, being grateful and embracing the adventures of life. Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey.


In the last month we have seen lots of snow, snow and a bit more snow – its been pretty cold, I’ve had my custom made onsie out and am looking into various thermal and warm winter clothing, my winter boots are working a treat and all being well we will make the most of this cold fluffy stuff.

Visiting several parks and getting outside into the fresh air, playing on swings and searching for Hawthorne bushes

Enjoying spectator sports. We’ve seen the All Blacks annihilate the American Eagles, Notre Dame lose twice and enjoyed some dancing.

Found good cheese – you have no idea how exciting this is!

We’ve been meeting our new town and learning what it has to offer, finding new places, eating exciting foods, discovering local wildlife and visiting various attractions.

We’ve finally discovered the secret to making amazing waffles! Buy a waffle maker… we’ve dabbled with waffle irons in the past and they are tricksy to get right. But this waffle maker has changed our Sunday breakfasts.

As always we are loving trying new things, being in a shiny new place but have been thinking of home and enjoying catching up with friends. We are looking forward to some exiting adventures to round of 2014 with style as its been one heck of a year.

All Blacks vs American Eagles

This weekend Kiwi and I hopped on the South Shore line and spent the day in Chicago. This time we were there for one particular event. To see the All Blacks play the American Eagles. The All Blacks haven’t played in the USA since 1980 and have only played the USA a handful of times. In the US rugby isn’t as popular but it is slowly making a comeback. There is a steady following and the 61,000 Soldier field stadium was a sell out. This marks some real progress in rugby over here and will support the grass-roots efforts happening. There was some interesting media build up to the game, I’m not sure USA quite knew what to expect, but hopefully this game will build some further momentum. The match was broadcast live and could be viewed worldwide, we were lucky enough to watch in the stadium. It was a pretty chilly day, it had snowed the day before! Yes snow in October! I dread to think what winter will be like.We hadn’t been to a match since last season at Gloucester where the stadium was a little smaller, and there weren’t anywhere near as many tries.

Supporters descended on Chicago in their thousands. Various people dressed up and were milling around waiting for the afternoon kick off. There was tailgating – which seemed to consist of standing around drinking really bad beer! The game was uninterrupted and aside from a marching band at half time and fireworks to open up the ceremony just focused on the match itself. Kiwi and I debated what the score might be, we never even considered that the All Blacks wouldn’t win, it was a question of by how much. Kiwi – who unsurprisingly is from New Zealand was sad that he couldn’t find his flag but thoroughly enjoyed singing his national anthem. The Haka of course was an excellent display and the first try came within three minutes of starting. The eagles put up a fight and at times looked strong. Sadly they were just outclassed. It was great seeing so many tries, and different kicking preparations for conversions. The crowd were on top form.

Final score: American Eagles 6 – All Blacks 74.