Road trip – To the West


Its time to move on, so not content with moving a few state away we thought, hay lets take a road trip across the continent. Lets do lots of driving. Even better, lets tow a UHaul truck and take some cats! 7 tanks of fuel later… Excitingly though we did get to follow some of the original route 66, although only a very tinsy bit, and we felt like we had packed up our wagon and embraced the American dream to head west, or at least were living a real life adventure of the Oregon trail! Good job we packed lots of food. Continue reading


The good bits #9


Goodness sometimes it does feel like I just need a few moments to stop and breath, and then other times its like life has paused momentarily. This month the pace of life has been picking up and its been fairly busy. I’ve been doing some work at a residential school, we’ve been busy planning the summer and are looking forward to heading home for a few weeks in July for a friends wedding. We will also soon be celebrating our own wedding anniversary and reflecting on the past year. May has been a blur of exploring the local area, eating ice cream and living life. We are feeling a lot more setted after nine months in the US but are looking forward to catching up with old faces. Continue reading

The good bits #8


8 whole months of living in the USA!!! DONE!!!! And we have survived winter! I still regularly pinch myself because I forget for a moment where I am. Everyday I learn new things, such as that in the US ‘tinned’ as in tinned tomatoes isn’t a common phrase, its canned. I tried my first rise n roll and thought I may have had a sugar OD. There are no ceiling lights so if I wish I can practice indoor handstands. We have daffodils and tulips sprouting left right and centre, and the evenings are long. Continue reading

The Appalachian Trail


On our recent trip to The South, one of our top destinations was to visit the Smokey Mountains, which the Appalachian trail runs though. The Appalachians are a collection of mountain ranges and park that run along the country and have the highest points in the East of the country. We travelled down to Nashville and enjoyed our road trip across to the Smokies. It was refreshing to see mountains again, as opposed to flat corn fields. Continue reading