The greatest bits

So, seeing as a whole year has gone by, I’ve continued rambling on this blog and sharing some of my favourite photos and our adventures. We’ve visited a lot of places and enjoyed some unique experiences. So if you fancy seeing a snapshot of the last year, here are all the #thegoodbits posts as well as a small montage!


The good bits #1     The good bits #2    The good bits #3     The good bits #4

The good bits #5     The good bits #6    The good bits #7     The good bits #8

The good bits #9     The good bits #10  The good bits #11   The good bits #12

Taking better photos


I’ve written before about my experimentation with lomography and jumpology, for April I will continue to post a picture a day, but will really focus on taking better photography. Photography doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m a click and point kinda gal who doest often take much time to consider lighting and composition. Now a days with camera phones, apps and many many filters its possible to get pretty decent shots without too much effort. However I’m very visual and am often drawn to other blogs, webpages and the like through the images. Some of my pictures so far have been terrible, often I’ve not realised until I’m back home that the shot was out of focus, or that I hadn’t framed it well. Of course it depends on what you want from the image, maybe fuzzy and mis-focused is your thing, but I enjoy clear crisp pictures, with colour and movement.

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Pretty as a picture

I’ve seen so many new years resolutions and goals popping up here and there. I don’t tend to make new years resolutions, I like to use January as a time to look back and reflect. If anything I like to take on board a few small things and do a little everyday, for me this seems to make more of a positive change rather than trying to make big changes. I admire people who set big goals, I find them a little overwhelming! Whilst sorting through our photos from our recent trip to San Fran – posts coming soon! I’ve also been rifling through some other old photos which has been a great way of remembering various things from 2014.

For 2015 as well as blogging about our various adventures, and things we’ve been up to I also wanted to capture our lives more visually. I love pictures and have taken inspiration from the various posts I see of photo challenges. So the beady eye amongst you may have noticed a new page pop up, 2015 in portrait. This is a page where each day I’ll be posting a random picture, other than putting a date and location stamp I won’t be writing anything, make of them what you will. I’m a week in and there doesn’t seem to be much of a theme emerging just yet, well other than more cats, hot chocolate and snow! Which seem a constant in my life. Head on other and have a browse!