Utah natural history museum


After visiting Dinosaur national monument, we thought we would spend the afternoon visiting SLC national history museum. Kiwi and I both prefer natural history museums to most other kinds, and were impressed by the dinosaur exhibits. I’ve previously enjoyed visiting the Pitt Rivers when I’ve lived in Oxford, but this was wayyyy bigger. The building itself is a bit of a concrete maze, with airy walkways and hidden bridges.

The dinosaur exhibits were impressive, with different displays, my favourite being walking over examples of site excavation giving you a better idea of the scale of the bones found. the large skeletons also helped with that. A well as dinosaurs there were also exhibits on local history, wildlife and culture.

We also enjoyed looking at the rock section, getting a good idea of what sorts of gems and rocks could be found in Utah, Kiwi is now excitedly research sites to find some geodes. We enjoyed the exhibits with lots of maps explaining the different rocks in Utah, and how the landscape has changed since Utah was originally on the coast! This was fascinating.

One of the museums best features was the rooftop garden – I love a good rooftop garde! as the museum is set up on the hills behind the university, the rooftop gives a good view of the whole city.






Studebaker cars, museums and trees


Last weekend Kiwi and I had a bit of an american grockle (tourist) day. We figured we would stay local and learn more about some of the local history. We visited the Studebaker museum, which is full of original cars from the Studebaker industry. The Studebaker’s marketed as ‘the largest vehicle house in the world’, there oven range was also known as the ‘largest range manufacture in the world’, and I’ve noticed some places still make this claim, I’m looking at you South Bend Chocolate company which states its ‘the world’s largest chocolate factory’ a claim I most defiantly dispute.
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