Binder park zoo & Langley covered bridge


On a recent sunny weekend Kiwi and I found we had no plans, and so set about finding a little adventure. The temperatures were set to get to around 28/30 degrees with a few thunderstorms so we wanted to get outside. I’ve been reading a couple of local guide books for more places to visit, and to explore the local area. One of the first things I found was an ice cream parlour. Yay more ice cream! We set about looking at maps and where we could visit around the parlour. Continue reading

Michigan beaches and Saugatuck


One great aspect about living so close to one of the great lakes, is the extensive coast line that has so many lovely beaches. We’ve visited quite a few different ones now, and I’m always surprised at how pretty they are, and how much they feel like visiting the ocean. We took some time to drive north and explore some more areas of the lake. We had met some random German bagpipe players in the pub a few weeks ago who had recommended we visit Saugatuck on a sunny day before the tourists arrived. Continue reading

The good bits #9


Goodness sometimes it does feel like I just need a few moments to stop and breath, and then other times its like life has paused momentarily. This month the pace of life has been picking up and its been fairly busy. I’ve been doing some work at a residential school, we’ve been busy planning the summer and are looking forward to heading home for a few weeks in July for a friends wedding. We will also soon be celebrating our own wedding anniversary and reflecting on the past year. May has been a blur of exploring the local area, eating ice cream and living life. We are feeling a lot more setted after nine months in the US but are looking forward to catching up with old faces. Continue reading

Holland tulip festival – tulip time 2015


A little while back I was reading up on some of the local food festivals that happen across the year, and I read about Holland Tulip festival. I immediately wanted to go and made a mental note to look into it closer to the time. The tulip festival promised a big fair, lots of tulips, Dutch activities and some fireworks. Tulip time is set in the historic Dutch area in Holland, a small town just off Lake Michigan. Continue reading

Grand Mere state park


At a recent BBQ – yes we had two weeks of lovely weather so some Greek friends had a BBQ, with some amazing lamb, ice cream and lemon pie. Its now gotten a little chilly in the last few days with some brief thunderstorms and snow showers, but the warm weather is just around the corner. Everything is now really green, the trees are blossoming and spring flowers are everywhere. We’ve even spotted turtles several times much to Kiwi’s utter delight! To make the best of this good weather we figured we should go to the beach! Continue reading

X Country Ski-ing

Last weekend, Kiwi and I finally got around to trying x-country skiing. There are several parks near us and this is a popular activity in the winter. The parks convert their usual hiking and mountain bike trails into loops for skiers. Given the amount of snow we seem to regularly have, and the lack of many hills I can see why many skiers take up this winter sport.

I was a bit reluctant to start with as a downhill skier I wasn’t sure there would be a great deal of fun to be had ‘walking’ on ski’s. Due to the lack of hills I figured it was probably going to be a lot of hard work. This was based on having ‘walked’ in normal ski’s which is exhausting.

Continue reading