Strawberries and cream (& pie)


Another post on our recent UK adventures, in the three weeks we were away we managed to cram in quite a lot of activities. So much so we ended up needing a few days to just sit in my parents garden playing with the bunnies, and eating home grown strawberries and gooseberries – is there anything better? Continue reading

Green, green, emerald green all around

Happy St Paddy’s day!!! Over here in Indiana, St Paddy’s is a pretty big celebration, with Chicago hosting one of the worlds largest events, filled with parades, and green stuff. Notre Dame has an adopted Irish heritage, so often many Americans decide to be Irish for a little while. There have been all sorts of green paraphernalia in the shops, with green food items, green rinks, green clothes and green decorations.

Our neighbour has consistently had some kind of decoration all year around, and the green glittery shamrock has adorned their door for a little while.


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The good bits #1

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgI cant believe Ive already been out here for over a month!!! still feels like yesterday I was at work, wondering around London and kayaking! The lifestyle here is very very different and I’m still adjusting to it. But some of the exciting things that Ive enjoyed are; exploring! every week I’ve been researching into places to visit, mostly cake themed, road trips and orientated around food, but I’m also looking forward to popping into some of the museums, the local music scene and Halloween events. Its been great to have some extra time to rebalance life and work. Having a little extra sunshine has also been pretty nice, along with paddle boarding and taking up Latin dance classes! I miss funny little British things, like driving on the left side of the road! Blackberry picking, sloe gin and playing hockey on astroturf! October should bring lots of pretty fall pictures, my first American football game – anyone know the rules? some cultural activities and more trips further afield.