Frocks & Socks – The Fall/Winter edit

2016-02-03 18.36.38

It’s been a while since I did a capsule wardrobe update, but I’m still loving this concept! I created a ‘Fall’ wardrobe, forgot to photo it and then Winter arrived, and many of the same pieces stayed put, with a few swaps for warmer layers. I find it interesting to see that I’m very much led by colour each season, whereas my summer edit was full of blues and stripes, the Fall/Winter one has many more autumnal colours.

What have I learnt so far… mostly that you need far less clothes than you think you do. Having less makes sure the items I do have I really like, they fit well and wearing them to death is a pleasure. You would think you would get bored of having the same few things to wear, but it makes finding things so much easier.

This time around I didn’t have as many bottoms – mostly because other than jeans, leggings and a few skirts why would you want to wear anything other than leggings when it’s cold?! I also didn’t really bother too much with shoes. What’s the point. I had a lovely knee high pair of boots I wore before the snow arrived. Then the snow came. So my show requirement it mostly do these boots work in the snow, are they warm, are they comfy and how waterproof are they. Then it’s big boots for snow days, warm boots for dryer days, and brown ankle boots for when its warm, dry and there isn’t much snow on the ground. I could include some more pairs, but I wont wear them so I didn’t.

Of course Winter makes me want to live in knitted jumpers, cosy socks and all the scarves. Now there are the smallest signs of spring I’m looking forward to thinking about my spring capsule. But here is my Fall/Winter edit.

Tops: Tshirts x 4, Vest x 2, Long sleeve top x 3, Shirt x 3, Jumper x 5, Cardi x 4, dress x 5, Bottoms x 4, skirts x 2, shoes x 3 = 35

Strawberry T, Gap: Blue T, New Look: Green T, Old Navy

Grey T, Gap: Black vest, Old Navy: White vest, H&M

Long sleeve stripe, New Look: White long, Old Navy : Dotty long, Dorothy Perkins

Green plaid shirt, Old Navy: Grey plaid shirt, clothes swap: Dotty shirt, Old Navy

Maroon knit, Thrifted: Striped knit, Gap: Navy wool, Gap

Striped Knit, Gap: Blue Knit, Old Navy: Blue cardi, New Look

Peach cardi, New Look: Navy cardi, Next: Grey Knit cardi, Fat Face

Blue dress, Thrifted: Navy lace, Apricot: Black dress, Old Nacy

Orange cat dress, Thrifted: Stripe Knit dress, Gap

Grey wool, Old Navy: Black leggings, Zara: Grey leggings, Gap

Jeans, Gap: Floral maxi skirt, New Look: Bird skirt, Thrifted

2016-02-03 18.32.47

Snow boots, Bearpaws: Snuggly boots, UGG: Brown ankle boots, Thrifted

Frocks n Socks – The Summer edit


Hurrah, here is another wardrobe update for my summer capsule wardrobe. I shared my mini vacation edit, and used several of these items as well as a few others that better work with the hot sunny days. Its pretty toasty here for summer and I’m not sure how long the summer lasts – I’m assuming around mid September before the temperature starts to dip. Continue reading

Frocks n socks – The spring edit


So I thought after streamlining my entire life and wardrobe I’d take on a bit of a challenge and embrace an edited wardrobe for spring I recently read a blog from un-fancy about her approach and loved the idea of it. She changes her wardrobe edits for each season, and for three month wears outfit’s from the edited 37 pieces. Why 37 – well go have a read and find out. I’m intrigued by this concept as my wardrobe doesn’t often co-ordinate. I tend to buy things because I really like them, but lately having edited all my clothes down into one suitcase I’ve become more mindful of the way I shop. Continue reading

Springing forward


The recent respite in the weather has reminded me of long summer days, I’m sure there is another winter storm or two to come before it’s finally time to say goodbye to old man winter, but I’ll be embracing spring with open arms. I love the change of seasons, its always kind of rejuvenating as you prepare for the next season. I quite enjoy hibernating in winter, so spring is time to dust of the shorts, open up the windows and get outside more.
Continue reading

Plato’s closet

One of the stores that I kept hearing about on the radio and wanted to visit was Plato’s closet. This really is an emporium of awesomeness. Somewhere in between a thrift store and modern vintage, here you will find lightly used (sometimes new) garments aimed at 20 and 30 year olds. The stores are big but not overwhelmingly massive, and they seem to get new stuff every week.

It’s complete geek heaven in terms of organisation. Everything is well organised, by garment type and colour then size. Of course there’s less chance of finding as many old and unique items, but there is quite a range, there’s less ‘interesting’ items to sift through and none of the musty smell that sometimes comes along with thrift shops! I also really like the concept behind it. People can bring their lightly used items and sell them, or you can come and shop, both win win. I like the emphasis on reusing items and of encouraging people not to waste things they don’t wear in their wardrobe, to make some money and for someone else to give a home to – every man’s treasure and all that.

I’ve recently found an absolutely bargain, some brand new UGG moleskins that are toasty warm.

Sadly most of the stock is fairly modern, you can hunt down some bargains and pick up a few items from top brands, but there isn’t really any vintage. It does however feel a bit like a clothes swap but on a much larger scale, and very reasonable prices.