Cross fit and pilates


Its been great that the weather has warmed up lots and I’ve had chance to get outside and do a spot of paddle boarding. We recently went Kayaking on the river which was also excellent, and with the help of factor 75! I didn’t get sunburnt! Its been great to get outside for some exercise even though I’ve been slacking on my pilates. Continue reading

The good bits #7


I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record, I say this almost everytime I post on the good things…. but how has seven months already passed?!?!? 2015 is so far hurtling past at an alarming rate! Excitingly though Spring seems to have arrived and with it a new sense of energy and adventure – although it did snow again on Monday so I’m not totally out of winter yet, but I have seen the first signs of flowers poking out of the ground so the reappearance of snow is just a temporarily blip.
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More fitness

I’m enjoying having a lot more time than I have ever had before and have been trying out more activities as well as exploring the local area and meeting new faces. I’m still trying to find an adequate replacement for my beloved field hockey so I have been trying new things.

I’m still regularly doing a hot yoga class and pilates, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite things along with swimming. Somehow a hot room is really soothing and each session I come out feeling like I could take on the world. Every Wednesday I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed and stretched. I find signing myself up for a course, or a class means I’m far less likely to put it off. It’s also been great to go to new places and meet some like minded sports nuts.


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