The good bits #6

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgWhoop whoop, this series of posts came about as a way to mark the number of months I’ve been in the USA! They also serve to take a moment to look back and reflect on what I’ve been up to. Too often we are so busy living life we barely get a  chance to stop and breath, and even when we do we are often looking for the next thing and focusing on other goals. Whilst its always great to prepare, we do not always give ourselves the time to look back, to consider what we’ve already achieved and to take time to just be. Continue reading


Clowder or pounce #2

Oh to be a cat, what a life it must be! ours are pretty spoilt but they keep me pretty entertained throughout the day. Here’s a bit of an update now that Rua has less murderous tendencies towards the newest bundle of fluff. Indy is growing fast, he can almost match Rua when she slamdunks him and will soon be winning their wrestling matches. He likes to sneak onto the end of the bed at night and squish himself just under the duvet to keep warm – We have such a massive bed its not too much of an issue – USA King size is HUGE! Its a little annoying being woken up in the morning, once it gets light he decides it must be play time and so trots around the bed until someone wakes up to play or give him a cuddle. I guess there’s worse things than waking up to a cat purring in your ear.

When we first brought Rua here we brought a small pack of cat toys – just a mixed bag of mice, dangly things, soft balls. She plays with some of them but isn’t all that fussed unless they can move. When Indy arrived he fell in love with one particular soft toy – a little bird. Birdy soon became his best friend, he carries him everywhere and is never too far away. He drops him by his food bowl at dinner time, takes him to bed and cuddles him when he naps, he even takes him to the water fountain when he is thirsty. Maybe he needed a bath!

Indy will happily play fetch with birdy for hours, a bit like a puppy if you throw birdy Indy will run after him and excitedly bring him back, drop him and wait to go again. He once lost his bird, we had to go buy another pack of toys for another bird as we couldn’t find it anywhere. Indy loved birdy2 and soon started carrying him around. About two months later birdy1 turned up – we think Indy had opened the cupboard, climbed behind the sink and into the boiler area for a nap and left birdy1 in there. Now there are 2 of them, Indy is delighted, now he trots around fetching them both. Every morning they both appear on the bed and he still likes to cuddle them when he has a nap.

Rua meanwhile has a bit of a thing for pens. She really likes finding one and pushing it off any surface. We always find pens under our desks. Recently she stole my pencil and realised she could chew it. I wasn’t too impressed!










The good bits #5

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgWowzers already 2015 is going at quite a pace. We’ve already been here for five months! We’ve had our first US Christmas which wasn’t too different to other years in a way. Moving to a new place is really hard, its especially difficult to rebuild a whole new life when the nearest soul you know is a least 300 miles away. January is often a time for detox – and to stop indulging in some of life’s nicer things. I don’t like starting the year with the idea I’m giving something up, I prefer to embrace life, and with that in mind 2015 has already been spent trying new things.

We had an awesome trip in San Fran, exploring all its bohemian glory and having an ice cream or two. Photography has been a bit of a theme so far this year, with experimenting with lomography to taking amazing jumping pictures at every opportunity as well as taking an image of everyday. The weather has certainly been a chilly one, meaning we’ve needed to wrap up warm and enjoy snowy wintry walks these have been helped along with some baking and two furry friends to snuggle up with. February should bring more snow and the chance to try cross country skiing, see some more sports and try some new recipes.