January Favourites

January has been fun, we had a lot of snow and Kiwi has been enjoying lots of snowboarding at the numerous resorts close by. So far as soon as it warms up and the snow starts to melt within a few days we have another snow storm. It’s been nice to watch out the window and enjoy wintery walks.

Whilst we had some time we visited Capitol Reef, one of the smaller national parks and admired the rocks and went petroglyph hunting. There’s been a fair old amount of baking in the house, mostly as I am still adjusting recipes to work at high altitude – this is a real thing and really annoying! I think though I’ve got my favourite brownie recipe to work. Now I’m waiting for mini eggs to start hitting the ships to add these in!

We have been seeing a fair few sporting events, first basketball and then a gymnastics meet. I really enjoyed the gymnastics, I’m always so impressed at the athletes physicality, this was a great weekend. We have also been invaded for Sundance film festival, this takes place just up the road in Park City, and you can even Uber a helicopter to take you around! Craziness! We attended a few screenings which was very exciting.

At the end of January I went on a trip to LA for a long weekend, it was great to walk along the numerous beaches, eat many ice creams and enjoy the warmer weather. So that’s life lately, and snuggling with the kitties of course.


Happy All Hallows Eve


It’s been a little quiet over here on the blog lately, Namely we have been busy enjoying the last of the summer days, and adventuring with a friend who came over from the UK for a holiday. The seasons have quickly changed and autumn is here, and I dare say #winteriscoming. This morning the mountains had the first proper dusting of snow on them, which is great as so far October has been a warm one, and I’m itching to go ski-ing and welcome my jeans back into my life. Not that I’m complaining. 20+ degrees at the end of October – yes please. Normally I’d just about be putting the heating on having lived in all my jumpers for the last month.

Kiwi and I have been busy carving pumpkins, entertaining our furries, settling into Utah and just enjoying the little things in life. We did however have an epic road trip taking us pretty much over the whole of Utah -It’s an awesome state, more to follow on this shortly.

I’ve been busy baking, Halloween cupcakes, pork pies, banana bread and lots of veggie soup. This weekend the clocks also go back so I’m gearing up for full hibernation. But first its Halloween. I’ve been enjoying walking along some of the neighbourhood and seeing pumpkins and ghouls everywhere. There are some impressive spooky houses.






The good bits #12


So far August is hurtling past, and amid the long hot and sunny days we have been exploring our new home.The kitties have settled well and are enjoying having more windows, and importantly large window sills to sprawl along. They seem to approve and already have several favourite spots.

First impressions of this city are that is is vibrant, so green, and has lots to do, especially outdoor activities. the weather has been glorious, for once I feel like I’ve had a proper summer, its consistently 30+ degrees, with a few instances nearer 40 – which has been a little too warm for my delicate rose skin. Aside from avoiding the mid afternoon, I have however been enjoying living in shorts and flip flops, and making the most of the local outdoor pool, ice cream and abundance of vitamin D. I created a summer wardrobe, although if I’m honest I’m really looking forward to ‘fall’ which is my favourite time of year. I cant wait to be cold enough to wrap up warm again!

Kiwi and I have begun exploring our new state, with a few trips south and west. Visiting one of the islands on the great salt lake, eating our body weight in ice cream shakes (almost) and hiking to some darling hot pools.

We also had a fantastic time in the UK, and reminisced about home (well for me anyway) complete with bbq’s, Pimms, camping and enjoying a few days around our old stomping ground. It’s hard to believe I landed in the US a whole year ago – it’s  a bit longer for Kiwi. In some ways it really doesn’t feel like I’ve been gone that long, but I guess we have crammed a lot into the last year.

As we approach Labour day – this is effectively like August bank holiday weekend, it’s officially the end of the summer but as Americans get less holidays its even bigger! we will be exploring more of the national parks whilst the weather is still good. We are looking into ski season passes for the approaching season and finding some local treasures.


Ready….. Set… GO

So some beady eyes amongst you may have noticed things around here haven’t been quite as up to date as usual. That’s because Kiwi and I are about to move again!!! We are in the process of packing up things, streamlining our fewer but still significant possessions, seeing friends and doing some of our favourite things.

We have a pretty exciting road trip coming up and then some time to settle down before heading back to the UK for a friends wedding. EXCITING times! The cats however are much less impressed!