LA Weekend – Part 2

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Having spent a fabulous day exploring Santa Monica and Malibu and soaking up the sunshine, it was a little different to wake up to storm and flash flood warnings. I guess it doesn’t often rain in LA. It was fairly windy but armed with a waterproof jacket we set off to walk around the main downtown area. We stumbled upon the end of the world bookstore, selling new and used books and spent ages browsing. It felt a bit Harry Potter-esque. Afterwards we walked around the market and found a lovely coffee shop before heading onto Hollywood.

I’m not sure what I expected, Hollywood I guess is a very diluted version of Gatlinburg, only with less neon, but a similar feel. It was fun to see the walk of fame, and some well known buildings. LA traffic is fairly busy and most the drivers are crazy so that was interesting. It was a bit like being in London again, only instead of narrow twisty roads there were 6+ lane highways! And lots of palm trees.

Afterwards we drove up to the Griffith observatory, admiring the view and catching a star show. This was great and despite being a bit cold after the sun goes down, the view of LA lit up was really something. It was also fun to see the ‘Hollywood’ sign, although I didn’t manage to get a decent picture.

For our final day before heading home we drove around Mulholland drive admiring big mansions and houses on stilts that looked impossible. Although there were other areas in the valley that looked fun to explore we ended up going to Venice beach, as beach and ice cream! Here there is a pretty wooden fishing pier and crazy ‘muscle’ beach paraphernalia. I enjoyed walking around the small canal walkway that is tucked just behind the beach front. Someone decided they wanted to recreate a mini Venice, it wasn’t quite the same, but the little bridges were adorable and it felt miles away from the crazieness of muscle beach just minutes away.

This was really a whistle stop tour of LA, but great fun to see some interesting places. It already feels like a long time ago now as I sit watching the snow out the window. The kitties were very pleased to have their family all complete again mind. And I do enjoy kitty snuggles.

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Book review #3

I thought it might be time for a little book update, seeing as I’ve just finished a few, here’s what I’ve been reading of late… I often have a  of couple books in rotation until one really grab holds of me, any recommendation’s, let me know in the comments!

The hunger games

I previous read this trilogy whilst on holiday with friends several years ago. I pretty much devoured all three books in almost as many days and loved them. I decided to re-read them again before the final movie shows, and as I felt I may have missed bits because I read it too quickly. The second read was just as good as the first, and I still got through it pretty quickly. I had forgotten just how sad it is though.


I’m half way through this and it’s quite a page turner, if a little bizarre. I’m looking forward to see how this evolves and am enjoying how the characters are woven together through moments and random life connections.

The Luckiest girl alive

This book quickly turned into a must read as quickly as possible, and I found the main character fascinating, if a little messed up, then the book got better. I’m still digesting the various turn of events, but its an interesting read of American high school. Probably my favourite one I’ve read lately.

Elizabeth is missing

I loved this book, it was a little heart warming and sad and written from a brilliant perspective giving a fascinating insight into someone else’s world and memories. It reminded me of my days as a care worker, with many realistic moments and a touching account.


I found this read a quick one as I wanted to know what happened, its quite absorbing as it’s a bit mystery/thriller,  although I didn’t enjoy the ending I thought it was a bit meh, and I realised I genuinely didn’t like a single character.

And the mountains echoed

I keep coming back to this one, and although I loved some of the authors previous work this one is taking me a while to get into. I love the colourful descriptions and the way it transports you to another time and place.

A window opens

I’ve just got hold of this one and haven’t really started yet but I’m looking forward to getting into it, as so far it looks promising.

Bookmark #2

I thought given last week was international book day, with children and teachers dressing up as all sorts of interesting characters, it might be about to time to review again what I’ve been reading, there’s nothing better on a cold day to snuggle up with a good book or three, here’s some of my favourites. Let me know if you have any recommendations to add to my reading list!


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