Fudge & football

Recently Kiwi and I attended another American football match watching the Fighting Irish, I think they lost again I cant really remember. My favourite part about the games are the soft pretzels – but absolutely not the weird gloopy ‘cheese’ pots they come with – the ‘cheese’ is fake orange stuff like the square ‘cheese’ you get to go on burgers, and the marching bands! I kid you not, they are a marvel to watch, there’s a million people all co-ordinated at the start and at half time. They played a rendition of Swifty’s latest track which was quite amusing. And then the match is in progress they are on the sidelines ready to burst into song the moment play stops – which is a lot of moments!


I’m beginning to understand the game a little better, its still unbelievable long and sometimes with the commercial breaks and flags being thrown I have no idea what just happened.


The student stands are also fun to watch, this game was a little chilly but the now ha melted after a two week freeze, the students looked a little cold so to warm up they had a marshmallow fight. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many marshmallows – it looked like it was snowing on a quarter of the stadium, they looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Just to top it of we also visited Kilwins and a random ‘street’ Italian place. Kilwins is becoming a favourite not least because the fudge is amazing, its a chocolate/ice cream shop :-)


The good bits #3

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgHow has another month flown past? its crazy how quickly time just disappears, we’ve gone straight from Halloween to no guy fawkes and now its basically December which means its pretty much Christmas!!!!! SO given its Thanksgiving today and it also marks just over three months of me being here the good bits are all about looking back, being grateful and embracing the adventures of life. Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey.


In the last month we have seen lots of snow, snow and a bit more snow – its been pretty cold, I’ve had my custom made onsie out and am looking into various thermal and warm winter clothing, my winter boots are working a treat and all being well we will make the most of this cold fluffy stuff.

Visiting several parks and getting outside into the fresh air, playing on swings and searching for Hawthorne bushes

Enjoying spectator sports. We’ve seen the All Blacks annihilate the American Eagles, Notre Dame lose twice and enjoyed some dancing.

Found good cheese – you have no idea how exciting this is!

We’ve been meeting our new town and learning what it has to offer, finding new places, eating exciting foods, discovering local wildlife and visiting various attractions.

We’ve finally discovered the secret to making amazing waffles! Buy a waffle maker… we’ve dabbled with waffle irons in the past and they are tricksy to get right. But this waffle maker has changed our Sunday breakfasts.

As always we are loving trying new things, being in a shiny new place but have been thinking of home and enjoying catching up with friends. We are looking forward to some exiting adventures to round of 2014 with style as its been one heck of a year.

American football – Fighting Irish

A few weeks back Kiwi and I went to our first American football match over here. Our local team, the fighting Irish, play in Notre Dame stadium – a similar capacity to Wembley! Its huge, the seats are like wooden benches that you squish along on. Our first match was one of the coldest days we’d had so far! Having had weeks of pleasantly warm, and hot days, that remind you off lazy summer days, paddle boarding and going to the beach, a scheduled 4 degrees was a bit of a shock to the system! We wrapped up warm and walked down to the stadium. We were keen to check out ‘tail gating’ and what this entailed.

Tailgating occurs before a match but must end by kick off. It appears to involve drinking lots of beer and having a bbq, often in the back of you car/trailer. Lots of people were bbqing and drinking beers, some people had driven down for the tailgating and would then watch the match in their trailer. I guess people need a beer coat, as there wasn’t any drinking once you were in the stadium. To say American football is a spectacle would be an understatement. The game is loud with music happening whenever there isn’t play. Cheerleaders line up along the side cheering and whipping up the crowd, most people dress up and wear home colours and visit ‘touchdown Jesus’. There is a full marching band – that fills up the whole pitch, and the crown generate a party spirit.

The game itself was really stop start. We don’t really know the rules but worked out the basics as the games progress. Essentially each team gets 4 go’s to move the ball – mostly by throwing and catching – more than 10 yards. They keep doing this until they get a touchdown a penalty or lose the ball. Each ‘play’ seems pretty planned with little chance or spontaneity in the game. There are loads of players in each team, and for me the highlight was the Fighting Irishs’ impressive gold helmets and shoes.

I’ve read about the experience of fandom and being in a stadium, but it really was something different. The fan culture was almost as exciting as the game, which was rather slow. Unfortunately it rained throughout most of the game, making it pretty miserable.  I think the game lasted for maybe 5 hours, I kinda switched off once I couldn’t feel my feet. We did enjoy some fresh pretzels – lovely! and some ‘dipping cheese’ this was not cheese, it was cold orange gloop, and it tasted like gloop. We have another match coming up in a  few weeks and might even try out some tailgating.