Hello Dublin

Ok so it’s been more than a little quiet around here lately. Life has been busy, we’ve been running around exploring and living life to really document much of it, and to be honest I just haven’t felt like writing that much. Fast forward to right now, I’m sitting at a dining room table, with a cup of tea, it’s raining, I had a scone for breakfast and we are in Ireland.

Yep that’s right, we’ve gone a bit more wayward and said goodbye to the other side of the pond, and made another transatlantic move to the fair green isle. First impressions: It’s good. Wet, cold and almost like being home but not quite.

Moving as always is a bit of a whirlwind, with never ending goodbyes, packing and logistics. I’ve not even begun to process any of this and reflected on my thoughts at saying goodbye to Utah. Moving sucks. Saying goodbye sucks, but life moves on, and as always different seasons of life bring new and exciting opportunities and challenges.

Going forward I’m excited to share this season, with new adventures in Ireland and Europe, old adventures, challenges of parenthood, catscapades and general life updates. So tell me what have you been up to? What tips do you have for international moves, let me know in the comments.

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