Not so pink Sand dunes


A little while back when we were road tripping south to all the national parks, we camped in a quiet little spot that happened to be next to the Coral pink sand dunes. After a great nights sleep we thought we were go visit as we had some spare time and they were right on our doorstep. The sand dunes are a state park, over here there are national parks, state parks, national monuments, and some others categorised differently to confuse us. I believe its all to do with the relative need to preserve a place and central funding.

In any case we weren’t too sure what to expect from a park of sand dunes, let alone pink ones. We ventured in to find the place to ourselves, and wondered over the sand to a lookout point. Form here you can walk over a small section of sand dunes. They were large and sandy, and with more rocky mountains in the background looked impressive. However they weren’t very pink. Admittedly they were a different orange hue from the usual yellow hue of sand, but pink is still a stretch.

Slightly ruining the air of peace we spotted several golf buggies driving around, as well as some larger buggies in the distance. This seemed to be the main activity, that and mountain lion spotting. Sadly we didn’t see any of those. They must have been in the pink part.






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