House Tour – Salt Lake City


Lately we have had a few leisurely Sundays to do what Sundays are best for, make a roast dinner, play board games, watch sport on TV and just laze around the house. It’s been excellent! When we first moved over to Utah in June, we didn’t know much about the place, and spent a few weeks obsessing over houses on Craigs list and sussing out where we wanted to live. We then visited a few apartments and instantly settled on this one.

It’s close to work, its on a fault line, it has big sunny windows and quaint original features. For example the bathroom is mint green. Sounds hideous but it kind of works. the neighbourhood is pretty quiet and now and again we get visited by a herd of deer. there are multiple birds nesting outside which the cats love!

We have nested somewhat and made lots of cosy corners to settle down with a book, plus the kitchen is bigger which means plenty more room for baking delicious cake creations! Here’s a few more snaps of the place we currently call home.





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