Crater Hot pools


homestead crater

One of the places that I’d been lookign forward to visiting for a while was the Homestead crater resort. This little place past some of the nearby ski fields has a large natural hot pool. And hot pools are one of my favourite things. We visited some at the end of summer when it was still scorching hot, so it was nice to go when it had cooled down slightly – winter will still be the best time.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the crater hot pool, it is essentially a large dome, with a crater in it that has a large pool of warm water. Even looking online at pictures and the website the place looked bizarre.

Still we went to see what it was like. When we first arrived it took us a while to locate, the crater is on a larger golf resort and is tucked away at the back. You can see the large mound that contains the crater, with a small hole at the top, and walk up and over it. Peering down its pretty dark so you can’t see a great deal. We ventured in. Now the entrance is kind of like a tunnel that has been bored out of the rock, more accurately it has been blasted, its narrow and dark and barely enough space to walk through. Once inside there are a few small wooden lean-to’s that serve as changing rooms, some life jackets and then a wider entrance to the pool.

On first glance the hot pool looked slightly terrifying. There is a small wooden deck with steps into the water and two areas to sort of sit in. It’s dark. It’s in a cave with damp walls, it’s steamy and the pool is so deep you can’t see the bottom. Its 65 feet deep, and they actually do a lot of scuba diving lessons here as well. I’m not sure there is much to see though. Donning life jackets – these are required we ventured to the edge. Peering down into the depths of the pool was a little daunting but dipping my toe in the water revealed it to be nice and warm. We had the while cave to ourselves and slowly got in. It was still a little disconcerting and a bit surreal, but we floated around quite happily for an hour. The water is pleasantly warm but not too hot, its really deep and the cave is fascinating if some what scary. I’d go back though, and if you need a large bath inside a cave this is the place you should visit!


top of the crater


homestead crater


homestead crater


homestead crater

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