Winter wildlife spotting

2015-11-27 16.15.02

When some friends visited over thanksgiving they were keen to visit the salty lake that this city is named after. We had driven near it and visited the salt flats but hadn’t yet dipped our toes in the salty water. Mostly because its actually quite hard to get to and it is receding, so from this side there is a lot of squishy mud in the way before you can get to any water.

One of the best places to see the lake is either along the I80 near the old pier Saltair – which is quite busy traffic wise and has ok views, or antelope island. On the north side of the island are a few beaches, although there is still some mud to wade through to reach the water, so this is best done in spring/early summer. Late summer the lake starts to smell!

Antelope Island is however fun to visit, we went in the summer and climbed to the top where there are great views, this would be a fun weekend trip if you wanted to camp or enjoy walking. In winter we drove around the island and spotted lots of wildlife. We saw Bison, a fox, coyotes, deer and antelope. We also enjoyed seeing the mountains and the sunset before heading back for pizza at the pizza pie :-)

2015-11-27 17.17.23

2015-11-27 16.15.22

2015-11-27 17.00.10

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