Rounding off 2015

It’s happened, another year has past! I remember sitting down and looking back at 2014 and wishing in the new year, now 2014 was quite a year, but I’m happy to say 2015 has held it’s own.

Now on this side of the pond we are one of the last places to celebrate new years, time differences and all that, but I quite like it. I enjoy watching others ringing in the new year and looking back, and it feels like I still have time.

2016 will no doubt bring many surprises and more adventures. Over here on the blog we will be expanding, leaving our 20’s, and continuing to explore. But first lets look back on 2015 – you’ve been a good one.

We started off the year just getting back from a trip visiting friends in San Fran, enjoying the sunshine and arriving home to lots of snow. we enjoyed watching lots of different American sports, tried and loved cross country skiing. In the spring we set off to see the smokey mountains, the worlds largest caves and the Appalachian trail. Along the way we enjoyed stopping in Nashville and explored various parts of Michigan. Hello massive lake.

Then in the summer we soaked up all the sunshine before heading back to the UK to see some of our favourite people get married, catch up with friends and family and gallivant around England. We then packed up our life – again – and drove across America with two cats in toe, to start again in Salt Lake City. I redound my favourite sport – field hockey.

With fall came lots of sunshine and travels to the salt flats and all of Utah’s national parks – there’s 5 of them, and then several monuments, state parks and other areas of outstanding beauty. Along the way we have learnt about maple syrup, star gazing, tulips, dinosaurs, weather systems, types of snow and how to travel with cats. We baked all the cakes and are still adjusting to rising times and temperatures at a different altitude.

We had another white Christmas and as the snow continues to fall we are already looking forward to where we might finish off 2016!

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