2015 Christmas gift guide


If you haven’t been super organised yet and found all the gifts you need then here are a few online ideas that might hep out. I love finding perfect gifts for people, but by the second week of December I find going into any store too stressful. I enjoy leisurely shopping and being inspired by gifts I haven’t yet thought of, plus you know finding a few gifts for myself :-)

This gift guide want list is a few ideas that you can purchase online and skip the stress of shopping, plus you know if one or two things make there way into your own stocking that’s completely acceptable!!

1.For all the cat lovers out there, I adore these cat plates and may need to hint to Kiwi that I need one! You know for all the cheese platters!

2. For cooking lovers, I currently have my eye on this bread baking book, the Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite shows, and I’m keen to get back into bread making, once I’ve worked out how I adjust to altitude!

3. I always start to hunt for a new diary around September, forget until December and then panic that I won’t know what I’m dong in life because it’s not written down. My two favourites are either a Paperblanks one, they have so many cute designs and I love the layouts, or for extremely busy people, a busy life diary, plus they also do Sept – to Sept for any teachers out there!

4. Beauty sets are one of my most indulgent buys over Christmas, mostly because I love that you can usually get a set to try out a few different things, this year I really want a set from Luxe de Mer, a California brand that makes excellent products.

5. Lastly who doesn’t love chocolate? I love this British brand of hot chocolate, particularly as they have such a huge range of flavours, mint, white chocolate, orange, and you can also find them on Amazon :-)


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