Doughnut falls

2015-12-06 14.50.21-2

Last weekend Kiwi and I fancied exploring and going for a walk, so we drove up one of the nearby canyons and set out to find doughnut falls. so named because these small falls go through a doughnut shaped rock. We wrapped up warm and kept an eye out for moose.

Whilst pretty warm out the ground was still snowy so I’m glad I wore my awesome snow boots, the walk took around an hour/hour and a half and we slowly plodded through lots of pine trees until we found the river bed. We weren’t able to see the doughnut, in fact we barely could get to the falls as the whole river bed had almost frozen, there were impressive icicles and natural formed ice sculptures everywhere, although this was pretty slippery to climb over.

Unfortunately we didn’t see much wildlife either but we did enjoy munching on some hobnobs on the way back and getting some fresh air. We will have to return here in the spring/summer once the snow and ice has melted to get a proper look at the falls.

This turns out to have been a taster of the snow to come! We’ve just had a winter storm and a lot of snow, so I’m enjoying lots of hot chocolate, wearing my heat holders socks – best thing ever! Watching the snow out the window and getting excited for a white Christmas.

2015-12-06 14.54.18


2015-12-06 14.46.34

2015-12-06 14.46.44

2015-12-14 13.37.43

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