November Favourites

2015-11-21 15.57.30

It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘good bits’ post, having sailed past our emigration anniversary I’ve been more focusing on living life, but I’ve missed taking out some time to reflect back and just be happy about little moments and activities that don’t warrant a full on post. So I’m bringing it back, but instead of marking a particular date, I’m just looking at all my favourite bits of the last few weeks.

November was glorious, having waved off our UK friend after a pretty epic road trip we settled back into daily life, hung out with friends and drank allll the hot chocolate.

And my favourites, a cake decorating class I went to, watching the first few snowfalls and getting excited that the surrounding mountains now have white tops. Trying out a new yoga class – it was hard work! Doing Pilates most days and enjoying a good old stretch, its far to cold and dark early now for outdoor running and I’m ok with that. Instead we’ve been going on wintry walks so I can wear all of my scarves! Perusing some of the local vintage shops for possible treasures, playing board games and eating far too much cheese, singing in my local choir and celebrating thanksgiving. We even tried green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and trad turkey it was awesome and I have a new found cookie addiction, hello Rubysnap cookies!

2015-11-20 21.02.00

2015-11-26 17.36.49

2015-11-27 22.27.42

2015-12-06 14.59.47

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