Sprinkles and buttercream frosting


A few weeks a go I had a jolly evening, I trundled down to the City creek shopping centre – this is quite new and contains a little stream – well a creek that runs through with trout in, obviously. The roof is retractable so depending on the weather you can be indoors or outdoors. there are also multiple fountains and wood fires where you can sit and while away a few hours. regardless of the actual shops this place is a treat in itself.

I signed up to a cake decorating class. I’ve done a few classes in the past and always figure practising decorating skills, picking up new tips and spending a few hours of talking about cake is time well spent.

The class didn’t disappoint we talked about cake construction, and pesky crumbs, the perfect butter cream and how to frost a cake to make it look smooth and petty. we then set about putting this into practice.

Sadly I still need to practice lots on this, although I’m pretty handy now with a palette knife and can make a good consistency of butter cream – the secret, lots of butter and sugar!!! lots of beating!! My decoration still isn’t quite the neat finish I’m after, I’m also out of practice. On the plus side this means more baking and more cake eating!

A few things I learnt, if you really want  a great finish then do a crumb coat first. Make sure your crumb coat is quite thin. If your cake is super crumbly freeze or refrigerate it as chilled cake is easier to work with. Use complimentary colours. I use gel colours for icing – and almost anything else now, I find these give a better colour and finish. and if in doubt sprinkles fix everything!!

I’m still getting to grips with baking in this climate. The altitude does crazy things to cooking times, everything is dryer and raising agents do weird things. Any advise of adjusting recipes for altitude would be extremely helpful! Let me know in the comments.







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