Bryce Canyon


We recently had a visitor from the UK and keen to make the most of the last of summer/fall we set about visiting all the places. One of our favourite stops was one that we hadn’t really researched much and just planned to stop in as we were driving past. It turned out to be amazing.

Bryce canyon is another one of Utah’s magnificent natural landscapes. When we arrived we had had a chilly night camping, sadly the visitor centre doesn’t have any hot drinks but lots of information about rocks.

Not to be deterred we set about on the scenic route and stopped at a couple of viewpoints. these were stunning. The rocks were very red with pink and orange hues throughout. Most of the canyon is made up of natural needles – pointy stacks that are huge and together look incredible.

We also saw some information stating there had bee some recent mountain lion activity. this as exiting we kept our eyes peeled, but spotting one is unlikely. Bryce canyon however is a popular site for star gazing, a combination of wide open space, elevation, and lack of light pollution make it an ideal spot for gazing into the night sky.

We stopped at a couple of other viewpoints and enjoyed a walk into a small slot canyon we were surprised to find some large trees growing in it. We are planing on going back again when there is a bit more snow as it has some popular cross country ski routes, and to see the sparkly stars. We also will be heading back to a cafe we did find in the local town that did the BEST grilled cheese sandwich. It was AMAZING! I now truly appreciate what Americans are talking about when it comes to grilled sandwiches.







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