Happy All Hallows Eve


It’s been a little quiet over here on the blog lately, Namely we have been busy enjoying the last of the summer days, and adventuring with a friend who came over from the UK for a holiday. The seasons have quickly changed and autumn is here, and I dare say #winteriscoming. This morning the mountains had the first proper dusting of snow on them, which is great as so far October has been a warm one, and I’m itching to go ski-ing and welcome my jeans back into my life. Not that I’m complaining. 20+ degrees at the end of October – yes please. Normally I’d just about be putting the heating on having lived in all my jumpers for the last month.

Kiwi and I have been busy carving pumpkins, entertaining our furries, settling into Utah and just enjoying the little things in life. We did however have an epic road trip taking us pretty much over the whole of Utah -It’s an awesome state, more to follow on this shortly.

I’ve been busy baking, Halloween cupcakes, pork pies, banana bread and lots of veggie soup. This weekend the clocks also go back so I’m gearing up for full hibernation. But first its Halloween. I’ve been enjoying walking along some of the neighbourhood and seeing pumpkins and ghouls everywhere. There are some impressive spooky houses.






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