Climbing and new activities


As is always the case with a move, or a new season of life, our daily routines change to fit with our lifestyles. Before we moved I tried out lots of different activities and had settled into a routine that I enjoyed and suited me well. Since moving that’s all gone up in the air, so I’m back to trying out some new things and building a routine that fits with where I am now.

One of the activities Kiwi and I were keen to try out was some rock climbing. There are lots of routes in the canyons that are fairly close to the city, with advanced and beginner routes, we enjoyed trying out a few routes. Its hard work but I’ve enjoyed the mental challenge of scrambling up a rock face. The shoes aren’t so fun.

Whilst summer is still here I’ve been enjoying using the outdoor pool. There are several here so I’ve tried a few. One of my favourite is the pool built for the winter Olympics, mostly as it’s a large outdoor 50m pool.

We have also been enjoying going for walks, and exploring the local mountains and neighbourhoods. I’ve taken up running again – slowly as the altitude is a killer. To help keep away injury I’ve been regularly doing some pilates to keep my limbs stretched and happy.

I’ve also been taking advantage of some free yoga sessions aorund the city, my favourite so far – on the library rooftop! And I’ve tried some aerial yoga. This is odd, once past the motion sickness I’m quite enjoying floating around in a large hammock and learning some aerial skills. It’s harder than it looks but it’s always good to try something new.

Lastly I’ve been delighted to be able to pick up my hockey stick again! One of the first things I did when we moved was to look up any field hockey teams, and I found one that plays each week, friendly knock about’s with whoever is available. Its been great to run around and play again. Whilst the seasons will change again and I’m not quite into a routine yet it’s been fun to try out some different things again.




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