A field of Salt


One of the places Kiwi and I were keen to visit once we moved to Utah, were the salt flats.  Near the Nevada border, this is an area with a large expanse of salt over the ground, left by the receding salty lake. The flats, or pans as they are meant to be called, are impressive and huge, set with a background of mountains, the salt flats are just over 30,000 acres, so larger than the forest of dean.  Independence day, Top gear and parts of Pirate’s of the Caribbean were filmed here and the Bonneville land speed records, and varies rocket launches are often held here, due to the flat expanse, and the decent speeds you can pick up on the salt. Sadly this year the main speed event has been cancelled as the salt isn’t thick enough.

We drove for around 45 minutes along the main highway – I hadn’t missed I80, seeing as we spent a long time on that road coming from the East. But as we approached the salt flats this had impressive views with a  few rest stops allowing you to walk onto the salt.

I was most amused by the ‘foot wash’ provided, and by most people treating the salt flats like a day at the beach, removing their shoes and walking out onto the salt. I tried one foot, but unsurprisingly the salt was hard and crunchy, much worse than sand so I kept my shoes firmly on. I did have a little taste of it too see how salty it is – answer very! Surprisingly there were a few crickets on the salt, I’m not sure how they survive, as its quite think before you get to the mud underneath.

The salt flats are really bright, so I’d advise wearing sunglasses, they also are confusing as my brain couldn’t quite compute what it was seeing, it looks like a large expanse of snow, yet it’s 30+ degrees out. We had a little drive on the salt, although sadly we couldn’t go that fast in our Suburu! You can see the curvature of the earth here too, which was pretty impressive, its definitely one of the most interesting places we’ve visited so far.





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