Raspberry days and bear lake


Now I’m a big fan of raspberries so when I heard there was a fairly local raspberry festival, at a lake that I’d been wanting to visit, I knew what our weekend plans would be! Bear lake is a few hours North, on the Idaho border, and on the map is one of the largest lakes/reservoirs in the area besides the great salt lake, which being very salty isn’t quite so nice to swim in/walk around.

The drive to bear lake was really petty, going through valleys and mountains the scenery was stunning. We eventually arrived at bear lake which was actually really pretty, the water is remarkably shallow for a long way out so at times its a bit like you can walk on water. The water was fairly warm and very clear so we will be returning for the last hot sunny days when we fancy a swim, or some kayaking.

The raspberry festival was held in a little town off the lake. Now the last few festivals we have been too – maple syrup festival, tulip festivals, have been surprisingly lacking in their namesake. This was no exception, the area is extremely fertile and the festival marks the end of the raspberry picking season. Yet there were few raspberries to be seen. Instead there was lots of live music, great food stands, snow cones! some fair ground rides and famous raspberry shakes.

Even goggle told me about the famous raspberry shakes – although I couldn’t find any info on exactly what they were famous for or what they might entail. Now when we found the famous shack there was a long queue, so obviously we joined it. We ordered a raspberry lime and a chocolate raspberry shake. Most Shakes in the US consist of ice cream, and this one was so thick they gave you a spoon instead of a straw. To be fair it tasted amazing, although neither Kiwi or I could finish them as they were huge! – see picture!

Much to our amusement though, opposite the road from the famous raspberry shakes was another store, different owners and branding yet they also had a smaller sign saying – famous raspberry shakes. Hold on a moment… what are they famous for and how can there be two famous shake shops?!? I still don’t know, but they were tasty and the fair was a lovely Saturday activity.






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