Hot pools and hiking


A few weekends ago Kiwi and I thought we would make the most of the constant hot and sunny weather and explore a little further a field. We didn’t fancy a massive hike, especially after walking to the top of Antelope island, having done a little research one item near the top of our list was to explore some local natural hot pools.

Hot pools are one of my all time favourite things. we’ve been lucky enough to visit several a few years ago when we visited Iceland – still my favourite ,as well as the more commercial one at Bath spa, and a random Japanese one in New Zealand. So when I heard there were several in Utah I was keen to go visit them. Now by their nature hot pools are pretty toasty so I think this is something that will be better in the winter when the temperature drops outside, but we thought we would do a recky anyway.

We drove south towards Provo, where we saw some windmills in the bottom of the valley and Utah lake, something we have yet to explore. Driving up another valley we headed to Diamond fork springs. The surrounding rocks are the stunning dusty reds that seem to characterise many of the mountains here.

There is parking just off the main road and a fairly leisurely 2.5 mile hike. The walk follows a river most of the way and has well marked trail winding upwards. At the end of the trail was this lovely waterfall, cold water cascading into the pools below.

The pools below however are heated from below with hot water spilling out of them. The top few pools were actually a little too warm for us, so we hopped around some of the lower pools and enjoyed bathing for an hour or so. Unfortunately there is a rather strong smell of sulphur but you soon get used to this. We found that a good half mile or so from the pools the river was still warm, and had lot of pockets to sit in.

By far one of my favourite hikes so far and we will certainly be returning in winter, I cant wait to see what it looks like with snow on the ground! In the meantime I’ll be visiting some of the other local pools.





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