Frocks n Socks – The Summer edit


Hurrah, here is another wardrobe update for my summer capsule wardrobe. I shared my mini vacation edit, and used several of these items as well as a few others that better work with the hot sunny days. Its pretty toasty here for summer and I’m not sure how long the summer lasts – I’m assuming around mid September before the temperature starts to dip.

The standard uniform around here seems to be shorts and ‘tank tops’, floaty floral trousers and sports gear. Which suits me fine! I put this together just after I got back for travels as I had some time to organise my wardrobe and have a bit of a tidy, but I’ve only just got around to taking some photos! Which has shown me that I clearly have a nautical sea theme going on, all blues, stripes and a few floral’s chucked in for good measure.

I was quite keen with this edit to have enough basics, fun items and things that matched well as I don’t really like spending lots of time thinking about what to wear! I also picked out a few favourite necklaces, scarf’s and bracelets that I’ve put near my wardrobe so I can throw them on if I feel like it. That way I can go ‘tah dah’ and my outfits look more pulled together than they really are.

This time around I had exactly 37 pieces including shoes! which I thought was pretty good going. I didnt’ bother with any jackets as its soooo warm, but I included a token cardi just in case. I split it into shoes x 5, tops x 18 and bottoms x 14. Here’s what it breaks down into.

Tops: Vests x 4, t’s x 5, shirt x 2, jumper x 1, Blazer x1 and other tops x 5

Bottom: Dress x 5, shorts x 4, skirt x 3, trouser x 2

wpid-collage_20150814144633193.jpgWhite dress, Warehouse: Blue collar dress, H&M: Paisley halter-neck, Thrift store

Blue dress, H&M: Striped dress, Gap: Shoes, Topshop, Office, Old Navy, clothes swap

wpid-collage_20150814142856416_20150814142902752.jpgStrawberry T, Gap: Floral vest, Oasis: Royal blue T, Gap

Striped vest, Old Navy; Striped T, Gap; Striped T, Clothes Swap

Blue T, Oasis: Blue vest, Old Navy: Light blue T, New Look

wpid-collage_20150814143123626_20150814143138852.jpgDenim T, Loft: Blue top, Old Navy: Striped top, Oasis

Green top, Topshop: Blue cardi, New Look: Floral top, Dotty P’s

Blue shirt, Gap: Floral blazer, New Look: Striped shirt, Gap

wpid-collage_20150814143820917_20150814143838324.jpgStriped Chinos, Gap: Blue shorts, Old Navy: Croped Jeans, Thrift store

Blue skirt, Thrift store: Polka dot skirt, New Look: Striped skirt, Dotty P’s

Daisy shorts, River Island: Denim shorts, New Look: Floral shorts, H&M

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