The Bodleian & Oxford


Whilst back in the UK, Kiwi and I spent some time in our old home town. We also went on a little tour of the Bodleian – something we intended to do before we left, but just didn’t have time with packing and moving and getting married. So we thought we would do this as we had all day to wander around.

The tour just looked at some of the collections and many rooms. Sadly we weren’t able to look around the Radcliffe Camera, and had to settle for coffee and cake outside instead. I really like the smell of libraries, they make me feel at home, and remind me of forcing my sister to play libraries when we were younger – mostly so I could code and categorise all of our books – I know.

Aswell as the Bodliean we also went to Rectory farm for strawberry picking and scones – one of my favourite places to visit, and it was even better than I remembered. We spent some time walking around the city, had ice cream at G&D’s, ate at the Nosebag and visited Christchurch meadow and the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Its always a little strange and nostalgic going back to your old stomping ground, but it was great to visit, it hasn’t changed to much if anything I’ve changed more, but it was nice to retrace old footsteps and appreciate some of the history. Of course we also spent time with friends having BBQ’s, sitting in pub gardens and having lots of cream teas.







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