Moving with cats


Yep I know I’m a complete an utter cat lady. We have two, they OWN us, and a lot of the time they are definitely in charge and they know it. Before we packed up and moved to the other side of the country we had a think about the best way to transport the kitties.

One of our cats came with us from the UK, she had already endured quite a long plane journey, and she wasn’t very impressed with the whole experience. She did really well, but still refuses to go in her carrier even now. We thought about putting them both on a plane again – a domestic airline would have meant they could come in the hold with us – joyous, although they would have been in a carrier, this didn’t seem ideal, especially as I can still remember hearing her crying on the first plane.

So we decided to drive, and put the kitties in the car. Now as neither of them spend much time in the car we thought we should do some cat training. This meant that when we travelled they could roam freely in the car instead of being shut up, which they enjoyed. They spent a lot of time asleep, cuddling and watching cars out the window, and a little bit of complaining. Training them to go in the car mostly involved getting them used to the noises, smells and movement, this was ok, although it did take some time. Once they were comfortable in the car – with the engine off, we then started taking them on short car journeys.

Can I tell you something… This is where I turned into a complete crazy cat lady…. I saw a few articles online – damn internet giving me ideas! – suggesting you can ‘walk’ your cat. Yep that’s right, put a cat on a lead/leash. I know. But then I saw a lady in Chicago walking around with her CAT! So I thought I might give it a try. I got a ‘come with me kitty’ lead – as it has a bungee cord so they don’t yank themselves. Once they got used to the harness, we took them out a few times. One of them loves it. He likes having his harness put on, waits by the door and trots around. The other one is less keen. I think she thinks it might result in getting on a plane again. The neighbours give me strange looks and sometimes come and say hi. I’m not sure walking my cats around the neighbourhood will give the right impression, but the cats seem to quite enjoy it, especially when the quails walk past.







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