Antelope Island


One of the first places Kiwi and I visited since arriving in Utah, was Antelope Island. Just North of the main city, Antelope Island is a small barren island that is now home to Antelope – surprisingly! deer, sheep bison and lots of birds.

There are no people who live on the island, although there used to be a few small farms,  and there is only one small road that goes part way around. The island is about 15 miles long, and 5 miles across, and is the largest island on the Great salt lake at nearly 30,000 acres.

The Salt lake was once know as Lake Bonneville and covered most of what Salt lake is now, with the old shore line stretching all along the mountains around the valley. The lake stretches around the island, although most of the South East sides of the lake are receding, leaving lot of marsh land and small water outlets.

Kiwi and I packed a picnic and drove over to the island to walk up to the top, Frary Peak. This is higher than Snowdon, and Salt Lake city is almost the same hight as Ben Nevis to start with. I’m certainly noticing the altitude difference! The track goes across the island, and is quite a steep climb with little shade right to the top. We saw lots of deer, antelope and Bison. The Bison are huge and interesting to see. From the top we also had a great view across the valley, and the Salt Lake which is a glorious blue. It doesn’t smell great though, seeing as its so salty there isn’t any fish, only lots of small birds who live on the lake




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