Strawberries and cream (& pie)


Another post on our recent UK adventures, in the three weeks we were away we managed to cram in quite a lot of activities. So much so we ended up needing a few days to just sit in my parents garden playing with the bunnies, and eating home grown strawberries and gooseberries – is there anything better?

During the first week we needed to head into London to renew visas, we arrived just after the Supreme court ruling, and were delighted to see the embassy decked out in rainbow flags. We only spent the day in London as many of our friends now live in sunny old Bristol. But whilst in the big old smoke we caught up with a few people and popped along to get ground tickets for Wimbledon. Wimbledon is one of my favourite sporting events. Its quintessentially English, even down to the queuing system, and beautiful pamphlet you are given explaining the queue procedure. – Yes there is appropriate queuing etiquette and rules! This year we opted for sitting on the hill (or should it now be mound) and saw some of Heather Watson’s winning match and a few other players mingling around.

In the next few days we made it down to Bristol to fold multiple napkins and hang out in the park. I like coming back to Bristol as it is where I first found my engagement ring (eeep) and many of my nearest and dearest have settled into life there. Its a vibrant city with lots going on. Mostly though I enjoyed having some Pimms!! – A must have British summer drink, although I have been told that on some occasions you can purchase said Pimms, or number one cup as they call it, here in the state liquor store – I’ve been keeping my eyes open! Sadly we didn’t have time to pop into Pieminster, but we did stop at an award winning pub selling AMAZING pies (meat pies) a few days later after a leisurely kayak along the river Wye.

I also travelled down to Southampton and went camping in the New forest. We had all the trimmings, with our own firepit, a blow up mattress, cake, strawberries and more Pimms. We also spent some time paddle boarding, watching wake boarding and half drowning on a fun inflatable waterpark. Think ‘total wipeout’ but with lots more people, or essentially an adult ‘bouncy castle’ on water. It was fun, even if we did ache for some time after. We finished this off with a walk around some of the local towns and a good old cream tea. Needless to say these mini adventures were fantastic, and I was so busy having fun that I mostly forgot to take any photos!


28th July, England, UK

2nd July, Bristol, UK


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