Home sweet home


Just after Kiwi and I packed up our things and drove across America – wow its a big county! We had a couple of weeks back in the UK. It had been almost a year since we had left so it was really REALLY nice to spend time with friends and family.

Whilst there we enjoyed the English summer – warm but not sweltering, although we did have a ‘heatwave’ the first week. Which now living somewhere which is regularly 30+ degrees it was quite amusing to see the headlines splashed with WARNING HEATWAVE, take action or you might die…. in any case it certainly helped with acclimatising and getting over the jet lag!

We enjoyed several picnics and had some old favourites – pork and pickle pies anyone! Cherry bakewells, and some good old crisps and sandwiches. We visited many of my favourite places, and spent some time with my niblings and family pets.

I also had chance to visit some of my favourite towns, growing up in the Cotswold’s this mainly consisted of visiting Burford, oh I like the hill, and the quaint little shops, Bibury hello trout farm and winding farmyard tracks – we spotted the yellow car! retracing childhood steps visiting the Abbey grounds, where we found a bit of yarn bombing, Cirencester park as well as our annual pilgrimage to Cotswold Wildlife park. The baby rhino we saw last year has been growing, and the chipmunks are no longer there – now seeing them in the wild everywhere we weren’t too distraught.

We also had time to catch up with a few friends at various BBQ’s, where we sat outside – even when the sun decided to stop shining, and enjoyed al fresco dining. Chatting away and stomping around my home town was really delightful, and strangely it felt as if I’d barely just left, although I did miss the kitties.




3rd England, Cotswolds, UK


11th July, Cirencester, UK


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