Hello Salt Lake City


Our new home! It’s strange seeing your new home for the first time. Kiwi and I flew out for a weekend to search for an apartment before making an epic road trip across the country a few weeks later. My first sense of the city is that its fairly vibrant, beautiful and conveniently located to lots of cool things. The outdoor activities are endless. In the main down town area a lot of the buildings and infrastructure have been heavily influenced by the Mormon population, resulting in lots of beautiful building and landscaped avenues. The Winter Olympics also helped to refine the excellent public transport.

In particular I’ve noticed a few things that have somewhat shaped my first impressions,

Most of the streets are lined with trees, making the city very green and lush

There is a trader Joe’s, a H&M and Athleta

There are Mountains

The mountains have snow on them

Its HOT, really hot

Lots of people bike and walk

The main shopping centre has a creek running through it, containing trout

They have Pimms



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