The good bits #11


Summer so far has been a whirlwind of activity. Although the blogs been quieter than usual, Kiwi and I have been packing in lots, and literally packing everything up. We spent much of July in the UK – more to come on this trip soon! Having left almost a year a go it was great to see friends and family, catch up with everyone, see some familiar British places and celebrate a best friends wedding.

I created a mini capsule wardrobe for my vaccation. Then before flying back we packed up the house, and we headed West, complete with trailer and cats in tow, all the way too Utah where we have relocated to Salt Lake City. This was a fairly epic road trip covering a large amount of the country.

Before we headed off to pastures new, we had some time to have a picnic or two and a ‘BBQ’, where I practised my camera skills. I made some of my favourite lemon cake and took part in lot of cross fit and pilates before saying farewell. We enjoyed a huge burger and cheese cake milkshake whilst practising cartwheels on the beach before saying goodbye to Indiana.

We are very much looking forward to exploring our new city and travelling to the western part of the county.


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