Farewell Indiana


Before diving into new adventures, and new places I want to stop and say goodbye to the place we have called home for almost a year. When we first moved to the big ‘ole USA we had no idea what to expect. We knew nothing about where we were moving to and have been fascinated, challenged, bemused and happy.

Indiana is remarkably flat, there’s practically not a single hill, but large expanses of corn fields, and lots of farms. Its a reasonably small state, where we have spent most of our time in a small bend of the St Joe river. Dominated by the University of Notre Dame we have learned about football, baseball, hockey and cheese curds.

We have SURVIVED winter, and the lake effect and the polar vortex. We even made the most of this and tried cross country ski-ing and a little downhill ski-ing, both of which we loved. We visited frozen lighthouses and marvelled at frozen lakes and never experiencing such coldness or expansive snow. We used our indoors time to collect a decent board game selection and plan places to visit.

We travelled South to Bloomington, to the edge of the state into Kentucky and Tennessee. We went to the Appalachian trial and the Smokey mountains, as well as a theme park town and the worlds largest caves. We ventured North into Michigan, visited many places around the lake and explored Chicago. We’ve tried deep dish pizza, maltballs, bison burgers, grits, shrubs and many other strange and exiting foods. We have learnt how to make s’mores, waffels, and the ridiculous logic of tipping.

We welcomed a new furry into our family, who we couldn’t imagine life without. Even when he wakes us up early in the morning for a cuddle. We have made new friends and learnt so so much. Goodbyes still aren’t getting any easier. We are ready to move on, but then uprooting and leaving is still hard. Before we packed up we spent some time around a firepit, had cocktails at a jazz night, completed a final run along our usual circuit, and said goodbye to the huge lake that has fascinated us for so many months. We have many fond memories of our time in Indiana, and no doubt our experiences and travels will prepare us well for thriving in a new place.


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