In with the old


I intended to give a little house tour when we first moved but then I thought I’d wait till we had unpacked, and then finished nesting and didn’t quite get around to it. So here’s a little tour of our old apartment, just in time to move into our new one.

I can spend a considerable amount of time browsing sites such as apartment therapy and Pinterest, there’s something fascinating to me, at looking at peoples homes, how people decorate, what things they have, I can’t get enough. As much as I cant wait to one day live in a big lofty barn conversion, old church, or a castle for now I enjoy little styling tips on how to make the most of space and bring light into a room. I like to think about the functionality of a room, how best to use the space, what kind of feeling I want it to have.

So as a little reminder of this home and a snapshot behind closed doors here is a little tour.

We didn’t do a great deal in this house, we had our photo wall again, and hung some pictures and mostly relied on up-cycled furniture. My favourite parts were our giant map of the world, our cat shelves, study and breakfast bar. We will think about recreating some of this in our new apartment.








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