Capsule Wardrobe – summer vaccation


I meant to write this before I went away but time ran away with me. I recently started experimenting with capsule wardrobes after reading Unfancy’s blog, and suffice to say my first edition went well. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean who wants to wear the same clothes all the time. But it makes life so much easier! So I’ll be keeping it up for now.

I’ve loved having a limited wardrobe where I’ve actually thought about the clothes and what goes together. Admittedly to start with it takes a bit of effort and thought, but afterwards it makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier! I’m just in the process of updating my summer edit, and its a lot warmer, but first I made a small travel capsule.

I recently went on a three week trip back to the UK, I used a few things from my spring edit and a few items I am thinking of putting in the summer edition, as well as the shorts I’ve been living in since heading West. I knew the English summer was likely to be a little cooler than here, and unpredictable. Fortunately when I first arrived there was a bit of a heatwave, which gradually cooled, so I’m glad I took some summery items and lots of layers. Needless to say I indulged in a spot of shopping in some of my favourite stores (hello Oasis, New Look, Apricot & Accessories) and will be adding these bits to my summer wardrobe.

So if you are off on a summer adventure, here is my 20 piece wardrobe.

1 scarf – 1 knit – 1 cardi – 2 dresses – 2 trousers – 2 shorts – 2 shoes – 2 vest tops – 5 T’s – 2 blouses



Scarf, Next: Spot dress, Apricot: Blue lace dress, Apricot:

Blue button cardigan, Next: Peach chunky knit, Gap.



Skinny Jeans, Gap: Striped Chinos, Gap: Daisy shorts, River Island: Black scallop shorts, Gap:

Ballet flats, Topshop: Leather sandals, Old Navy



Peach blouse, Topshop: Floral blouse, Dotty P’s: Stripe vest, Gap:

Denim T, Loft: Green top, Topshop: Floral vest, Oasis:

Blue, Stripe & Strawberry T, Gap.


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