Road trip – To the West


Its time to move on, so not content with moving a few state away we thought, hay lets take a road trip across the continent. Lets do lots of driving. Even better, lets tow a UHaul truck and take some cats! 7 tanks of fuel later… Excitingly though we did get to follow some of the original route 66, although only a very tinsy bit, and we felt like we had packed up our wagon and embraced the American dream to head west, or at least were living a real life adventure of the Oregon trail! Good job we packed lots of food.

Most of our trip followed the transcontinental I80, which you can take all the way form San Fran to New York. We started off with a rather grey and stormy day, wavin goodbye to the impressive Chicago skyline, and observing the many many farms. Indiana and Illinois are both fairly flat and have lots of small farms dotted all over the horizon. As we travelled West we headed into Iowa, where again there were many corn fields, a few soy beans and lots of farms. We were tempted to take a detour to Kansas city but consulted the sat nav and realised after many many hours we weren’t even half way. We had already gone through a significant stack of mints, and listened to some excellent Terry Pratchett audio books.

As we entered Nebraska the landscaped gradually started to change, into rolling hills and much sparser bigger farms Nebraska is huge and feels very rural. We drove through the straightest bit of road we had ever seen – 83 miles of it! We stopped for the night on the edge of Nebraska/Colorado after 15 hours of driving.

The following day we grabbed some waffels and set off ready to complete Nebraska and head into Wyoming. Gradually we began to see mountains and more desert and large forests and more farms, the further West we travelled the more striking the landscape. A highlight was crossing the continental divide (twice) and the rocky mountains. We eventually crossed into Utah, to our destination of Salt Lake City and admired the mountains and ski fields.

Surprisingly our car didn’t break, we didn’t go crazy from such a long drive, the trailer made it and the cats were exceptionally well behaved.









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