Blooming lomo


Over a recent sunny weekend Kiwi and I returned to Fernwood Arboretum. We went here at the end of fall, to crunch through the leaves and on a wild goose chase for some slows. We wanted to return for the end of spring/beginning of summer to see how the gardens had changed, and to sped some time in the sunshine. The arboretum was definitely in full bloom. I spent some time playing around with my mini Diana to see if I could get any good shots, as there were some pretty plants and lots of sunlight. After walking around the arboretum spying large butterflies, chipmunks and even a turtle! we spent the afternoon lounging with friends in the garden, we had a little outside picnic, with wine and card games.

I had a few good shots that when I had them developed turned out ok, but I’m still struggling to frame them well and to adjust to the right light setting That and almost every time I use it the film gets mangled and so I often lose some photos. There were some photos on the roll from a few months back which I thought were on another roll so t was interesting getting the film back.



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