Cross fit and pilates


Its been great that the weather has warmed up lots and I’ve had chance to get outside and do a spot of paddle boarding. We recently went Kayaking on the river which was also excellent, and with the help of factor 75! I didn’t get sunburnt! Its been great to get outside for some exercise even though I’ve been slacking on my pilates.

In a bit of a round up I’ve found the last few months I’ve settled into more of a routine with my exercise, just in time to move again! Over the winter I took the opportunity to try out a load of different classes and activities. Sport and fitness has always featured in my life, in part because it makes me feel awesome, and because I’ve worked in the sport industry for over 10 years. I already know how great it is, and was excited to shake up my normal routine. This being said I hate being the new kid and found I’ve wanted more of a routine. I guess having been to hockey training for so many years its strange to not have that regular timeslot, where you don’t even need to think about when you are going to go to a class. I’ve always been active, so its been great to flex new muscles and meet other sporty souls. Despite having tried out a lot of different activities, there have been a few things that have really stuck. I tried a hot yoga class back in October, and I hit a winner. this particular class is hot, sweaty, and uses a fast paced yoga with some awesome music. Each week I look forward to this class, and come out feeling on top of the world. I’ve also found some new stretches and am getting better at the breathing.

Having tried out lots of classes and activities to find something that would replace the massive gaping hole left by not playing hockey, at the beginning of April I signed up to the 4 week beginner programme and took part in a cross fit class. I’d come across cross fit several years ago through some friends but never had the time to give to it. The cross fit gym here is a real find, the workouts are tough, challenging, and are wrapped up with friendly like minded people. I’ve discovered I make a pretty good weightlifter, I’m stronger than I thought, I don’t really know the lingo and I still hate burpees. But I enjoy going each time and have settled into it.

I constantly dabble with running, but in my heart I always have and always will be a sprinter. Great for that sprint finish, not so great for any distance over 5k. So if anyone has any tips let me know. Kiwi and I have gone for a few runs though as sometimes its just nice to be out in the sun. I haven’t yet found a good outdoor pool, so despite finding swimming calming and importantly easy on my body, meaning I can do it everyday, sometimes I just want to be outside. I also cant find any good swim shampoo!

Now as we get ready to move again, I’ll be searching for a hot yoga class, a cross fit gym and some new running routes, and maybe something new.

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