The good bits #10


To say the last month has been a busy one is a bit of an understatement. We have once again packed up our things and moved far away. This post is all about not only marking almost a year of being in the US but as a reflection on living in Indiana as we head to new pastures.

Summer has arrived, with the start being proclaimed at Memorial day we spent the weekend gallivanting around, having wine, cocktails, ice cream, s’mores and the first cookout of the year. We kayaked along the river and much to Kiwi’s delight there were a few turtles, just a few mind.

We have explored more beaches soaking up the sun, found a old anti-climatic bridge and a zoo full of giraffes.

We went to our first baseball match, which was sort of like going to see the cricket, enjoyed some fireworks, random foods and more s’mores. The rest of the summer promises more sun, heading back to the UK for a brief holiday, wedding and catching up with old faces. Then we will continue in Utah.




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