Cartwheeling on the beach


As one of the last things we wanted to do before we waved goodbye to the Midwest was spend some time around Lake Michigan. This lake really is like a little coastal resort with towns on the lakeshore, and several beaches that feel and look so much like the sea. We travelled up to New Buffalo and spent some time watching the waves, people spotting and sun bathing. It was awesome.

We stopped by Redamak’s for some amazing sweet potato fries, burgers and cheesecake milkshakes which were unbelievably tasty. After shaking the sand out of literally everywhere we decided we hadn’t quite had ur fill of the beach. So we popped along to another one. These two beaches are poles apart, New Buffalo is touristy, people playing volleyball, lifeguard chairs, ice cream and lots of people, Grand Mere, remote, wild and completely empty.

We had previously spent some time at Grand Mere beach and this time it was a little warmer. We proceeded to spend the evening watching the sun set, walking on the sand and doing cartwheels. It was a lot of fun to behave like kids again, and just freely romp around like idiots on the beach.

We watched the sunset, bid farewell to this mammoth lake and its beautiful beaches and clambered back over the dunes ready for new adventures.





2 thoughts on “Cartwheeling on the beach

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