The first baseball game


Last weekend kiwi and I finally got around to going to our first baseball game. The season is just getting into full swing and weve passed the stadium a few times. They also have fireworks and the end of a match so I was totally there.

Now much like American football and ice hockey I know very little about baseball. I spent a season playing softball which is kind of similar, and grew up playing rounders and cricket so that’s pretty much my only knowledge.

We went down to the stadium which is huge, fortunately it was a lovely sunny day and we picked a spot on the lawn to settle in for the game.

Part of the excitement is walking amongst the consessions and finding interesting snacks. We had a philly cheese stake, a bens pretzel, popcorn, a massive icecream and a polish sausage and some beer.

We really enjoyed the baseball, it was a bit like going to a cricket match, food, sunshine and chatting whilst not really watching the game. I don’t really remeber a great deal of the game, there seems to be lots of innings and a few hone runs and some great catches. The players didnt look too tired either.

Afterwards we lay down and enjoyed the fireworks and headed home for some more beer. A pretty good evenings activity!





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