Binder park zoo & Langley covered bridge


On a recent sunny weekend Kiwi and I found we had no plans, and so set about finding a little adventure. The temperatures were set to get to around 28/30 degrees with a few thunderstorms so we wanted to get outside. I’ve been reading a couple of local guide books for more places to visit, and to explore the local area. One of the first things I found was an ice cream parlour. Yay more ice cream! We set about looking at maps and where we could visit around the parlour.

A it turns out we decided the parlour was a bit to far away, and that we had plenty of ice cream choices more locally, so instead we travelled North into Michigan to Battle Creek. Along the way to Battle Creek we stopped at Langley covered bridge. Our expectations of the bridge were pretty low, I mean it is a bridge. Near by there is a whole park dedicated to bridges. We decided that wasn’t really our cup of tea but the covered bridge was on our way, and well the guide book stated it was one of the oldest and longest. As it happens this bridge is even marked as historic, owing to it being one of the last remaining covered bridges still standing in Michigan.

The bridge is a single lane, burnt red, which matches the local barns. Although we did see a green! one on our travels. It wasn’t’ all that exciting, we drove over it twice and were disappointed that it didn’t even have a stopping pint for picture opportunities. We then carried on to Binder Park Zoo.

Its been a while since we visited a zoo, and lot of the local ones are closed over the cold winter months, so as the sun was shining we thought we would go visit one. Binder Park Zoo was larger than we expected. its nicely laid out with wooden walkways everywhere giving a good view down to different animals. the Africa exhibit looked like the newest addition, where you could feed giraffes and wander around. The park is spread out and has a small number of animals. We did enjoy watching the massive snow leopard who seemed intent on catching birds, and the black bear who were in a playful mood. We then travelled back and stopped at Bonnie Doons for an ice cream sundae. I had a fudge, vanilla, moose tracks ice cream with hot fudge sauce and strawberries which was pretty tasty. I even remembered to order a small one this time so I could actually finish it all!









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